Patrick Abbattista

Founder & CEO @ DesignWanted

With a multifaceted education, Patrick first entered the design industry in 2009 as a marketing professional.

In 2015, he founded DesignWanted, an integrated design media whose mission is bringing together creatives and companies from a diverse range of backgrounds to share business opportunities in the Design world, on a global scale.

Since the beginning, DesignWanted has worked with the greatest design institutions, including the Red Dot Award, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Ventura Projects, Dubai Design Week, Design Shanghai, Business Of Design Weeks, and many others.

He considers Design the lever to improve our lives and societies. Therefore, his vision is to give anyone with talent an opportunity to do so.

Sarah Wayne Callies

Actress @ Prison Break, The Walking Dead, Colony

Sarah has established a reputation as one of the last decade's queens of USA television and remained one of the most prolific actresses on TV.

She is best known for her roles as “Dr. Sara Tancredi” on FOX’s Prison Break, which she reprised in FOX's limited run revival of the show, and as “Lori Grimes” on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

She starred as the female lead in the USA series, Colony and also made her directorial debut in the show’s third and final season. Her recent projects include Giancarlo Esposito's This Is Your Death, starring opposite Josh Duhamel and Famke Jannsen, a lead role in National Geographic's The Long Road Home and a cameo guest star on hit Canadian comedy show LetterKenney.

Sarah is also an accomplished writer and director. She has blogged for The Huffington Post, Medium, and Smart Girls on behalf of refugees via the IRC.

Among her passions, the one for Design and Architecture stands out. This is why Sarah and Patrick got to know each other.

Sarah Wayne Callies _ ExpoWanted

Mirco Pasqualini

Head of Design @ Ogilvy

Mirco has spent more than 20 years working with private companies, start-ups, venture incubators and agencies as Design Executive. He dedicated is the time to help companies benefit from a holistic design perspective for digital products, services, business and management.

Understanding what design is, what value it can provide in organisations, in marketing and in brands to seek innovation, to have an audience perspective and to trigger an exponential growth of the business, today is a key topic.

He joined Ogilvy New York in 2014 as Head of Design to lead the development of a multidisciplinary design practice and culture across all office departments.

Aleks Tatic

Founder @ Tatic Designstudio

Tatic Designstudio is an international industrial- and product design agency.

Aleks Tatic’s strategic product-innovation and design for brands in such diverse product segments as Sports- and Lifestyle products, Power-Tools, FMCGs, capital goods, consumer electronics and  Yachts, has won international acclaim through design prizes and awards.

Since 2001, they have come to include over 30 Red Dot Design Awards, including three Best-of-the Best Awards in 2009 and 2013, IF and Golden IF-Awards, Good Design, G-Mark and the German Design Award.

Aleks has been appointed member of the Jury for the Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award, China Good Design Award and Focus Design. He has also been lecturing design and innovation management on various European universities and higher education institutions.

Margriet Vollenberg

Founder @ Organisation in Design and Ventura Projects

Margriet Vollenberg is an entrepreneur and a professional in the global field of design and has over twenty years’ experience in the design industry.

Margriet is committed to advancing and promoting design in every way possible, all over the world: “I believe that design makes this world a better place and that designers are an important part of positive change.”

Her international network is vast and diverse and she loves to put it into action for high end matchmaking that generates new collaborations, products and ideas. Unburdening her clients means that they can focus on what they do – and that means creating a whole new tomorrow for us all.

Fabio Colturri

Founder @ Haigō

Not a designer, not an architect, but an engineer with a mission: drag people out of the ordinary with unexpected space experiences, curating a unique selection of refined design objects.

Fabio is the founder of Haigō, a modern retail concept that combines a design store with food & beverage and cultural entertainment.

To him, design must be direct, surprising, simple and unforgettable.

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