Blueberry Pie Sofa | Desserts collection

Janna Kiseleva - JK Lab

The reason for the creation of furniture for children from the studio JK Lab Architects series Desserts was the birth of children of the founder of the studio Janna Kiseleva. This put her in front of the need to purchase children’s furniture. It was found that the market has a lot of furniture for adults and a very small selection of furniture for children.
In addition, the studio JK Lab Architects recently doing many projects for children, such as children’s stores, children’s cafes and hairdressers. This was another significant reason for creating our own line of furniture.
The main theme of inspiration for the series were bright desserts. Therefore, the series is simply and laconically called Desserts. For furniture items used bright fabric for commercial applications Decoma Charles, resistant to pollution and abrasion. Inside – hypoallergenic filler, which is so important for children. The frame is made of painted metal.
Each of the pieces of furniture is a combination of upholstery and legs of different color. With its shape and color, each of the items in the series reminds us of one of the popular desserts. Therefore, each of them carries such delicious and pleasant names for each as the Blueberry Pie or Truffle Macaron.
This sofa once it was designed immediately resemble us Blueberry Pie by its color – so this sweet and colourful name belongs now to this sofa.

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