Josha Roymans - Studio Josha

BPL Chandelier

The BrassProp Lamp is created from the feeling of always having the pressure to create new ideas. As a self employed designer you are relying on your creativity. This means you have to come up with unique ideas constantly. This pressure leads to a lot of thinking, modeling and drawings, some good, some not so much. The sketches on paper that don’t make the cut get trashed. These “prop” of paper have a certain aesthetic to them. Combined, they form a chandelier of bad ideas..

The Prop Lamp is from the Prop Series, a series of polished and crushed brass sheets. Every single piece is made by hand. This makes all the lamps, in a way, unique pieces. They come in three sizes: S, M and L, in copper and brass.

The polished and crushed lampshade surfaces reflect the light beautifully, even when turned off.

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