BruVad Bottle

Eugene Brukhman, Vitaly Brukhman - Brukhmans Design in collaboration with SignInsight Inc.

If we are to escape the future where there is more plastic debris in the oceans than fish, then systemic change is needed to transition from a linear take-make-dispose model to a circular economy. Given the challenge of rethinking a plastic bottle from the circular design angle, our team came up with a new plastic bottle that people would value, collect and reuse for a multitude DIY household projects thanks to an original unique interlocking shape.

Our objective is to enable the change when people, – adults and kids alike, – view the used bottles as a valuable interlocking construction block for useful DIY building and playing rather than an object to dispose of. The goal of participating in ExpoWanted is to heighten visibility and recognition for how product design discipline could help a number of major bottle-making and bottle-using companies of the world to deliver on their commitment to improving the sustainability of packaging.

Quart- and 2Quart-sized Bruvad Bottles are stackable and interlocking. Thanks to their proportions, relative height, Vad-Vad-Interlock shape and other features they enable assembly of walls with inner and outer corners for the structures ranging from garden bed to greenhouse to office cubicle to event exhibit to toy castle.

Brukhmans Design is a family studio enterprise by Eugene Brukhman (ID student at Pratt) and Vitaly Brukhman (also a founder and co-owner of the patent-holding SignInsight Inc.). Their Bruvad Bottles could be used in many of the use cases illustrated at http://vad-vad-interlock.com/.

While Bruvad Bottle has been designed independently from another example of the interlocking plastic containers made by Friendship Bottles LLC., someone interested to make Bruvad Bottles could use their patented method of mass-production employing commonly available blow-molding machines with certain adaptations and adjustments.

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