ceiling lamp TERRA

Yuriy Ryntovt - Ryntovt Design

material | author’s mixed technique: earth soil, clay, sand
led-line lighting
Concept of the author’s mixed technique TERRA and our artistic approach is a dialogue with the surrounding us world & nature.
The reverse of the horizontal and vertical in the mind motivated to elevate and rotate the horizontal surface of the soil in a vertical position to look it into face; be able to touch its «wrinkles». It is alive; it breathes, loves and tolerates us. What would happen if ones its tolerance will come to an end?
Anthem to Earth. An art-object, a creative manifesto or a warning to future generations?… In the art-project “TERRA” there are many meanings. All of them, layer by layer are opening to attentive eye. Same as Earth opens its layers.
We feel almost happiness from working with soil. Same primitive happiness, which locals who work with nature feel when they see its ability to yearly revival, seeing a living miracle: from the first sprouts to a plentiful harvest.
We feel almost physical pain from the way how people treat nature: with disrespect and master disregard. The relation to the soils, as to the shrine, which was before industrial age is erased now. There are also essential meanings which are being forgotten: “soil” as fertile land and “Earth” – whatever banal it might sound – as our common home. (soil, Earth and ground is the same word in Russian and meaning depends on the context) One of the essential/bearing meanings/feelings, which child meets is to stand, walk on the ground – is losing its value…
All of us are part of one living organism, which we should treat with certain respect and love. All of us are living in one connected system in which spiritual intersects with material in one whole and where quotient always reflects the whole; where human is inside the world till last molecule. On these philosophy based our art and formed my way of thinking and way of working.

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