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Chrolo is a 60-second kinetic timer that offers a multisensory experience of time, made using advanced 3D-printing techniques. It is the result of an inquiry into the seemingly contradictory attributes of time.

Chrolo begins with you picking up a ball from its base and dropping it into the top funnel. Through gravity, the ball descends and traces time through a back-and-forth, oscillating movement. The mesmerizing pendulum-like motion of the ball is accompanied by a hypnotic ticking reminiscent of everyday clocks. After 60 steps, the ball hits a brass bell at the bottom, beautifully signalling the end of a minute.

Chrolo combines futuristic 3D-printing technology with the historic romanticism of the hourglass for a refreshing take on the age-old timekeeping tradition. Without the need for electricity, Chrolo offers a mindful break from the fast pace of digital screens and nudges you back into the present at a natural, thoughtful rhythm. Inspired by both nature and engineering, the eye-catching and understated design of Chrolo fits both the home and the office. It is a sure conversation starter and a joy to have on your desk.

Time has always been a fascination for people across the world and throughout human history. Our discovery began with the observation that the Greek language uses two contrasting words for time, chronos and kairos. We pursued this curiosity and noticed that time is often described through contradictory terms. Time is both circular and linear, discrete and continuous, subjective and objective. Being designers, we set ourselves a challenge to resolve the shape of time in an attempt to reconcile time’s seemingly paradoxical attributes.

Chrolo addresses the conundrums that we have outlined. Its helical shape is produced by drawing a circle while moving perpendicularly across a line. To meld both the discrete and continuous, Chrolo indicates both the passing of individual seconds and one full minute. Finally, Chrolo is objective by keeping accurate time and subjective as it is initiated by the human hand.

Chrolo has been exhibited at Venice Design 2018 and Dubai Design Week 2018.

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