Deer shelf

Bette Eklund - BEdesign

The Deer shelf is BEdesign’s signature piece and loved by clients and fans worldwide.

This stunning piece is an immediate eye-catcher and leaves a lasting impression. The wild deer in the Finnish forests inspired this impressive-looking bookshelf. Each piece is handmade by the most skilled craftsmen in Finland, and requires utmost precision and artisanal skill. The solid oak wood used for the shelf is a precious material and ages naturally with time, creating a beautiful patina that will enhance the uniqueness of each shelf.The shelf is perfect for storing books, magazines or small items, and also is appreciated as a piece of art on the wall. This stand-out piece will add a touch of attitude and wow in your surroundings.

“My work is strongly influenced by nature, the different characteristics of raw
materials, and geometric forms. The starting point is to design individualistic furniture that stands out from the crowd. My wish is to create a design language of ‘tomorrow’s classics’, contemporary design that stand the test of time.”
Designer Bette Eklund, BEdesign

This recognizable design is sought after by architects and interior designers, and has also been customized for project use, in luxury hotels and chalets for example.

The combination of high-quality craftsmanship and modern production techniques allow us to create innovative forms and designs. We are closely involved with the process, and with each working step, witnessing the amount of heartfelt work being put in to these products. Hours of designing, crafting and fine-tuning – resulting in the ‘wow’ moment – the finished product, that is made for you.

We wish for this piece to be both functional and pleasing for the eye, long-lasting, becoming a piece that is loved and cherished for years to come.
We are passionate about nature, having grown up on a farm and spent our childhood being surrounded by animals and outdoor life. For us, nature’s ingenuity works as a constant source of inspiration. Combined with our family roots in Finnish architecture, arts and design, the design language is a mix of both worlds. Great emphasis is put in aesthetics, functionality as well as high quality materials.

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