Hula Plant stand

Beza Projekt , Bujnie - Bujnie

Beautiful and large plants require a proper binding scale and background. Such a thought was guided by the creator of this project, the design studio Beza from Warsaw. We used long metal elements that support more extensive vines and a mirror and special fused glass that is an interesting background for plants. We decided to use fused glass that impressed us with its organic and imperfection finish. Its organic shapes perfectly correspond with the shapes of vegetation. This decorative technique, also known as fusing technique, is used mainly in the production of stained glass and is still underestimated as a decorative method in the production of furniture. HULA stimulates the imagination. It consists of simple shapes,
thick elements, soft edges, and a minimalistic look. HULA plant stand is ideally suited as a natural partition and thus fits into the larger office and private spaces.

BUJNIE [read. booy-niye] is a design studio founded by Szymon and Izabela Serej in 2016. Each firmly set in the world of creation. In BUJNIE , we value minimalism and the simplicity of form. At the center of our actions, we always put a human being in an attempt to facilitate contact with nature. As well as provoke him to this contact. We create objects full of passion, based on our inspiration from the world of art,
architecture, and nature. The basis of our activities, the specialty, is design for plants, with a view to their growth, transformation and the needs of people associated with them. Every product is made individually, from the beginning to the end it is produced in Poland from high-quality materials using the knowledge and skills of local craftsmen. The aim of the BUJNIE projects is to extract and capture the beauty of the plant, help in aesthetically composing the greenery in the surroundings.

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