Yuichiro Morimoto - eau

JELLYFISH LIGHT is a lighting made from one sheet. It goes from flat to three-dimensional while making soft folds by fastened buttons side-by-side on the sheet. When you touch it, you can enjoy softness unusually as a light. We aimed to link three “softness”, the softness of the shape, the softness of the emitted light, and the softness of touch. They looked like a drafting “jellyfish”, so We call this lighting JELLYFISH LIGHT.
This shade has a spheroidal and symmetric shape, so it has design “strength” to be both a pendant light and a desktop light. Also, it is changed dramatically just by slightly arrange the position of the “folds”; as if it were alive. We consistently designed and created from development of a docking method with a light bulb using a 3D printer to the packaging of corrugated cardboard as well as verification of size. And exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019 Greenhouse.

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