Lightplay wall clock

Adina Rusu - Lightplay

Time is serious business, but we chose to make it fun. Why not choosing a colorful clock, that may come in so many different shades? Here it is, a paper wall clock, origami style, suitable for a modern interior design.
The sculptural clock uses shadows to indicate the passing of time and the continuous fluctuation of light during the days transforms constantly its appearance.
“Lightplay” wall clock is manually folded from a high-quality FSC certified paper and comes fully assembled. The clock requires 1 AA LR6 battery.
I think it is difficult to create an origami tessellation (that is not dull) with the aim of obtaining a large diameter surface that covers the mechanism and highlights the hours. The constrain is the depth of the clock mechanism accommodating the folded paper (1.7 cm), so the folds had to start from 1,5 cm depth and fractal grow until 6 cm.

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