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Vera Purtscher - VERA PURE

Born of an innovative flair and a delicate production process, MoonLashes is an elegantly, ergonomically developed silverware, which is enhancing the fine dining experience.

The creation of the MoonLashes was inspired by the cutlery of the famous Josef Hoffmann. After having it noticed as a student in an exhibition and finally purchasing 4 pieces of this beautiful cutlery some years later, the architect Vera Purtscher realized at the first use that its functionality was sacrificed for aesthetics and design.

Though beautiful, the cutlery was hard to handle, creating many difficulties while eating. This was an impulse for her to start working on her own design, an innovative solution which combines aesthetics with outstanding functionality.
Vera’s ambition, to create a silverware of an unequaled weight-balance and haptics which lies perfectly in the hand, resulted in an exquisite MoonLashes collection.

All the 19 MoonLashes pieces are ideally balanced and serve as tools in the background, bowing to the culinary artistry of the chef! The knife is sharp, the prongs of the fork diagonal, the bowl of the spoon inclined and the butter spreader a functional ‘sculpture’.

Moreover, Vera’s design consequently led to left- and right-hander’s versions of spoons and forks, the only cutlery in the World that offers such an improvement.

The process of designing and prototyping until the MoonLashes reached the desired level of perfection lasted 7 years. The series finally went into production and today can be found in the World’s most exclusive houses and restaurants.
From the famous Steirereck in Vienna by Heinz Reitbauer, the Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Eckart Witzigmann’s former restaurant Tantris and the BMW World in Munich, the Glow by Armin Amrein in Davos, the former Cocoon Club by Mario Lohninger and Sven Väth, as well as Gabriel Kreuther’s restaurant and the World of McIntosh in Manhattan, New York, Vera’s MoonLashes complement the dishes of the World’s greatest chefs.

The bowl of the spoon leaning slightly out of the angle; like the portraits by Modigliani. The butter spreader stirring associations with Henry Moore’s strong and simple design. In general, the unfamiliar dimensions of MoonLashes go beyond the usual. Hans Haas, the chef at the famous Tantris restaurant in Munich, says that with them “all people eat more elegant, including children”.

Vera developed her cutlery so that each piece fits comfortably in the hand and is perfectly balanced! This is her tribute to the meal and the mastery of the chef. While eating, cutlery should ideally be forgotten. It is a «tool», which takes the food to the mouth! Balance in the weight distribution but also of the proportions are the details important for Vera as an architect! Just like the unusual lines and the perfect function.

The MoonLashes are available in 4 different coatings: gold version is the premium special; silver is the elegant evergreen with antibacterial features, the titanized silverware is rare and exceptional, while copper perfectly fits rustic and natural interior.

Each of the MoonLashes pieces is ideal for individual engravings making special events, such as weddings and important celebrations, even more memorable.

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