Oblong Optical Wand System

Barbara Brand - Oblong Industries

For the greater levels of productivity demanded by our complex business world, we need to reimagine our interaction with digital tools. More capable input and control devices are critical to enable users to take charge of the data-centric future of work. The wand enables and empowers users to collaborate in a fully capable, yet intuitive way.

The Oblong Optical Wand is a hand held device used to interact with and manipulate data-rich and highly visual digital content in immersive display environments. By tracking the wand position in three dimensional space, users intuitively use gestures and motion to engage directly with displayed content.

With human-centered design principles at our core, user experience and ease of use was carefully considered at every critical user touchpoint. The underlying technology was made invisible to the user and each feature and function was strategically pared down to help guide users through actions and tasks.

The same ease and comfort with which we navigate and physically control space is seamlessly translated to include the digital world in which we now do most of our work. This in turn lowers the technical barriers to user adoption and interacting with computers becomes more user centric and inclusive.

Inspired by undulating spline lines and triangles, the wand shape is effortlessly unique. The weight balance and curvature of the wand body nests comfortably in the user’s hand. A minimal 4 button and touchpad control layout provides users with full power over their digital content.

The wand tracking ecosystem includes patterns of infrared beacons discreetly installed around display areas. An optical sensor embedded within the wand, works in real time to visually track these patterns around displays and triangulate the location of displayed content.

The problems users continue to be faced with are increasingly more interconnected and complex. Data-driven problem solving and decision making will only be as powerful and effective as the tools with which users have to analyze and navigate this data.

Wand enabled environments set the stage for each user to have full access and control over their shared information. Our systems aim to augment and accelerate analytical problem solving skills by providing spatially grounded visual tools that improve team communication and collaboration.

As users shift their processes and workflows to include the dimension of space, new perspectives and deeper insights are now easily accessible. With this truly revolutionary control interface in hand, information is free to move fluidly in three dimensional space rather than in two dimensions. Users now have full view and intuitive control over their disparate and unstructured data and the path is cleared for unexpected and groundbreaking ideas to arise.

At Oblong, we designed the wand ecosystem to open boundless three dimensional digital environments for users to share, analyze, understand, and ultimately act on complex data.

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