Saddle Chair

Jangir Maddadi - Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau

“Shaped by the past. Ready for times to come.”

Saddle was born in a convenient problem: a Hamburg-based cocktail bar needed to improve their bar stools. It is not the first – and surely not the last – time designers have taken out their pen and paper to envision their solution. What we did was different: take something that already served humans for centuries and adapt it to a new environment. The horse saddle.

Using an intentionally larger seating area with curved metal edges, the chair provides both posture and comfort for even the most exploratory gin drinker.

Saddle comes in two heights: a bar stool and chair, both fully customizable in material, color and armchair decoration. Horse sold separately.

As with all Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau products, we support local production and craftmanship. Saddle is produced in the south of Sweden. Leather is sourced from and treated at small island of Öland.

Saddle chair is a great stand alone chair and works even better in group.

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