Set NO.5

Álvaro Gómez-Sellés and Marisa Müsing - müsing–sellés

müsing–sellés is a new york / london based multidisciplinary practice founded by spanish-born architect Álvaro Gómez-Sellés and canadian-born architect Marisa Müsing in May 2018. müsing–sellés explores and re-interprets the relationships between form and utility, moving away from expected functionality in everyday furniture. The practice focuses on relationships of materiality, forms and the unity in designing through sets. The team is interested in exploring innovative finishes that play with perception and experimenting with tactile qualities that simulate human-like characteristics in their designs.

Set NO. 5 came from an interest in playing with a unifying material finish and working through a series of objects. By designing as a set, the objects create their own setting independent from their context. The set consists of three units which perform social and domestic activities based around entertainment and conversation. Comprised of a cocktail table, a minibar, and a closet, the units work together to add a new quality to any space they occupy. Formally, we wanted all of the pieces to be unified through physical and visual similarities, but to be differentiated by their particular attributes, creating a family of characters. The set was designed at a larger-than-expected scale and cylindrical form, adding a sense of awkwardness and charm. These also give presence to the individual units making them deserving of their own central position within the room as sculptural pieces. The dark-toned red and black gradient car-paint finish was inspired by japanese lacquerware. The minibar and closet have the added element of surprise of a bright red-to-blue interior. The reflective finish gives the set an inherent softness by revealing the overall geometries of the form through the subtle changes in color. As a whole the pieces share a common language, through form and materiality, but their inherent qualities give them interesting characteristics as independent pieces.

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