Twisted Concrete Bench

Badih Rameh - BR Design Studio

Twisted Concrete Bench is a Concrete Bench Designed for indoor and outdoor spaces, featuring a ‘Twist’ that creates the structure from one side, guides the form, and provides smooth seating for up to three, forming it into Fluid Furniture piece, expressing a sense of movement and softer lines.
Concrete is known for its solidity, strength and durability. often used to create large monolithic forms. The challenge in this project was how to create the mold, especially for the Twisting Part, using a 3-Dimensional modeling program, Rhinoceros, to Split the Mold into 2, and cutting the Model using CNC-machine which helped a lot in the process.
The concrete is sanded 3 times after the removal of the mold, and cured for 7 days, This helps to harden and bond with internal materials and reinforcement.

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