Katri Koski - Wallment

Wallment is a series of multi-functional wall elements which can be used individually or combined together to build a plant and herb walls, storage units or memo boards.
They are suitable for use in private or public contexts.

“I started to design these items when I needed a storage system for herbs and vegetables in my kitchen and a memo board in my office”.

With the wall of grids and baskets you can save valuable space in the kitchen, organize and save e.g. small things, cards, notes and photos.

Combining the elements you can create a characteristic and personal yet practical installations.

A wall of plants indoors is a beautiful living element and also very healthy one as it cleans the air. With the Wallment wall grids and baskets is possible to build up a distinctive vertical garden.

The series consists of four different types of grids; 9Square Grids, 6Square Grids, Arrow Grids, Bow Grids and Baskette wall baskets.
The elements are handcrafted in Finland. The available colors are white, black and nude.
Material is powder painted metal.

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