ypsichair mini

Robert Gomišček - Linea r d.o.o.

Ypsichair for everywhere.

Ypsichair idea sprang in search of the device, that would be comfortable for sitting on a wild beach and sufficiently practical for the transfer to it.

After the initial sketching and development has created a basic product, which has been a beautiful a little less practical.

Advised me to semplifie and reduce. The second part, changing the basic product, I picked up much more time and of attempting, but time and work have been well spent.

The Mini Ypsichair, the new product incorporates an innovative joint between the seat and backrest. Maintained the aesthetics of the basic model, but is much prettier because of its simplicity, since it has no redundant elements. Because it is small it’s much more useful.

Mini is followed by Maxi, sunbed and Online Mini, also suitable for mail delivery .

Collection Ypsichair we presented at the Design District fair in Rovinju, novembre 2018 and to receive the award of Best Eco Innovation Design District.

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