Who is invited
to enter?

The competition is open to products submitted by:

  • Design Students
  • Designers
  • Architects
  • Design Studios
  • Companies

What is the prize?

The 10 ExpoWanted winners will get:

  • Free exhibition space at the ExpoWanted stand, in BASE Milano, in the heart of Fuorisalone
  • Media coverage by DesignWanted (see more details in the 'project' page)
  • Opportunity to meet thousands of professional from all around the world (buyers, journalists, etc..)

A prize that is worth 20k euros for each winner!

Products admitted
to the contest

This first edition of ExpoWanted aims to show a wide range of products considered smart from different points of view.

Therefore, the projects that can be presented include: lamps, chairs, small tables, technological accessories, and much more. As long ad they meet the criteria you'll find below on this page.

You may apply with finished products that are being manufactured in series or fully working prototypes. The products presented must not be older than two years.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to write us.

Tech requirements

  • Maximum volume: 1 cubic meter (see here what it corresponds to)
  • Maximum weight: 50kg

Judging criteria

These are the criteria that will be used both in the initial screening phase and by the ExpoWanted jury to choose the finalists and winners.

  • Aesthetics
  • Usability 
  • Market Potential 
  • Sustainability 
  • Innovation
  • Originality

Terms & Conditions

We invite you to read our Terms & Conditions here, and contact us for any question.

Need more info?

Check out our FAQ section above or write us.


[ Call for Entries closed ]

You are invited to enter the competition here. The application is free.

Deadline: February 28th (Extended to March 5th).


After you send your project, our team evaluates it and, if in line with our selection criteria, will send you an email confirming your eligibility. It could take a few days.

This admission email gives you access to the 2nd phase.

In it, you will find a link to confirm your presence by paying the participation fee:

  • Early bird: 50€ - if you pay within the first 48 hours from our confirmation message
  • Late comer: 150€ - if you pay after


Out of all the paying registrations, a selection of the best 50 projects will be undertaken and submitted to the public vote.

Jury &
Public voting

The jury session along with the public vote will take 10 days circa.

In this time frame, you have the chance to involve your community and fans asking for their votes. Users will vote on our website, in a special section that will be put online when we communicate the shortlist of the 50 projects.


At the end of the voting period, there will be 10 awarded products:

  • 7 are chosen by the Jury
  • 3 by the public vote

Among them, the Jury chooses the top 3 projects to be physically exhibited at the ExpoWanted stand. The other 7 will be visually displayed within the same area.


The 10 winners are announced to the world!


Exhibition of the winning projects at the Milan Design Week 2019 (April, 9-14).

  • District: Tortona Design District
  • Venue: Ventura Future

Congrats, you made it! You are now part of the ExpoWanted exhibition.

How do I submit
my project?

Entries must be submitted electronically per the instructions on the Entry Form.

How much does it
cost to participate?

Entering the competition is free. If approved:

  • Early bird: 50€, if you pay within 48h from our confirmation message
  • Late comer: 150€, if you pay after

What costs shall I pay

if I classify among the first 10?

In case you classified within the first 3 the projects - those that will be physically exhibited at the ExpoWanted stand - you will be requested to deliver the product to Milan. Only delivery and collection costs will be at your charge. There are not extra costs. 

If you rank in the top 10, but not in the first 3, then you will have no costs. The only thing that you will be required will be sending high quality product images, and more informational detail to us, to include them in your presentation at the stand.

Important: it is not necessary that you come to Milan, we don't expect it in case of victory. Of course, you are absolutely welcome to join, but don't consider as mandatory - for your participation - your presence in Milan. So, feel free to join and try the best for your creations!


Can I submit multiple products?

You can submit as many products as you wish. Each product, if admitted, will be consider as 1 single entry. This means that you will have to pay the participation fee for each eligible entry.

What happens if my product exceeds one cubic meter volume?

Don't worry. Enter your project sharing all the dimensions, we will have a look at it anyway. It might be considered eligible despite the size doesn't fits our tech requirements. For us, it is more important to find smart products than being too strict 🙂

Who pays for the
product logistics?

The delivery and collection of the products are on winners. The details will be shared by ExpoWanted at the end of the call, when we announce the 3 products that will be exhibited.

What info are necessary
to participate?

All contest entries must have complete information in order to be eligible. You can see what is necessary in our Entry Form.

Is it possible to enter
a concept design?

Concept are not admitted unless there is a fully working prototype which could be eventually exhibited.

How do I know if my project
has been accepted?

In case your product were eligible to proceed with the selection process, we will send you a confirmation e-mail including payment details. This could take a few days after you enter the project.

Who judges my

All entries will be reviewed by DesignWanted personnel and guest judges. Judging is based on a variety of factors as described in the ‘guidelines & judging criteria’ section.

Can I submit a product that exceeds
the dimensions requested in the contest?

Yes, it is possible. This because projects that do not fit the size specifications may still be selected for the display exposure.